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Leverage the power of Creativity for individual and organizational benefits. Simple tools and tactics that take seconds and minutes, can yield big results. Our brains are hardwired for novelty. Applying creativity to everyday work life can be effective at reducing cortisol levels and improving overall health and resilience.


An exercise we have had a lot of success with is a group activity* using Legos®, which can be easily accomplished with only a few Legos/bricks and a timer. First, challenge participants to individually create an object (duck, rocket, house) in under 60 seconds. Second, form small groups/teams of up to 4 people, and have each team create as many objects as possible with the handful of combined bricks they have in under 90 seconds.


After conducting the individual (60 second and team (90 second) challenges, take a couple of minutes to debrief and discuss what you just did.



  • What did you create? How would you describe it? What ideas did it generate?

  • What was this experience like for you?

  • What could you have created with more or less time?

  • Any difference(s) between the individual and group challenges? Which did you prefer?


Note: We’ve done this both in person and virtually with success! If you need some help in adapting the activity, please let us know.

(*Activity Inspired & Adapted from: Coffee for the Brain)

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