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Increasing your emotion vocabulary and learning to identify your emotions can help you regulate and manage them more effectively


If you can name it, you can tame it.

--Dr. Dan Siegel

There is more than one way to describe emotions. Learning to identify these emotions may help you modulate them more effectively and can empower you to take control. 

Most adults have between 5-10 words to describe their emotions, so the more words used to describe emotions, the better they can be put into perspective.


Descriptive Emotions Charts

Use these charts to help describe emotions and, maybe, identify a root cause.


Charts are great for individual and group use, at work, at school, and at home.

Charts include emotions for:

Feelings When Needs are Satisfied

Feelings When Needs are Not Satisfied

Each download includes both charts.


After downloading, keep it handy!

Keep a copy at your desk. Stick a copy on the fridge.

Post a copy in the break room. Keep a copy in the car.

Save it to your phone. Share with others.

Spanish versions available, too!

Download Descriptive Emotions Charts

There are 4 versions available for download - all versions contain the same content.

Descargar Descriptivo de Emociones

Hay cuatro versiones disponibles para descargar - todas las versiones contienen el mismo contenido.


Want to learn more?

Thank you for your interest!

Contact us for more information about using the Descriptive Emotions Charts and how we leverage advances in neuroscience to understand human behavior, cultivate growth, and get results.

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