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The way we worked yesterday, is not how we must work tomorrow - and it is not serving us well today, where “unprecedented” seems to happen every day.

Rethink and reimagine what you know about resilience.


Lead with your brain – the Crisis Athlete™ way.


Building on our extensive experience in crisis management and organizational development, our Crisis Athlete program leverages the latest advances in neuroscience, to understand human behavior, cultivate growth, sustain performance, and get results.


Individual. Organization. Community. 

What is a
Crisis Athlete ?


A Crisis Athlete leverages a unique blend of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, performance coaching, sports and industrial / organizational psychology, and other disciplines to foster resilience and peak performance. 

Ultimately, by harnessing their inner strength and leveraging a diverse toolkit, Crisis Athletes inspire others, lead effectively, and contribute positively to their organizations and communities, becoming beacons of resilience in a fast-paced, demanding world.


Applying  Neuroscience to Crisis Management and Leadership 

Training and Speaking Topics

Individual & Organizational Resilience

Positional & Executive Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Psychological Safety

Generational Intelligence

Executive Function

Crisis Leadership

and more

Want to learn more?

Contact us for more information on how we can leverage advances in neuroscience to understand human behavior, cultivate growth, and get results for you and your organization.


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