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Why are we talking about sleep?

The persistent lack of sleep, to include reduced sleep, can have a profound impact on your brain and overall health.

Lack of sleep is associated with diminished functioning in areas we know are imperative for effective leadership and performance, such as concentration, decision making, memory, reaction time, and emotion regulation.


It also increases things we know are NOT associated with effective leadership and performance, such as anxiety, irritability, impulsiveness, and susceptibility to illness/absenteeism.

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Sleep, Decision-Making & Your Team

Sleep deprived people do not notice the decrease in their PERFORMANCE. In fact, the part of the brain responsible for assessing how well we perform is SHUT OFF, making us believe we’re making GOOD DECISIONS, when we may be doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.


If everyone in your operations center/organization is sleep deprived, how effective do you think your decisions will be?

Sleep-deprived people can do great work on less sleep, but the effect is very short-term. Essentially the amygdala (“lower brain”– responsible for regulating emotional reaction and control) begins to rule, and “higher brain” functions diminish.


For every hour of sleep we lose, significant cognitive resources are lost, which can only be replenished through sleep.

Lack of sleep is associated with vulnerability to disease and illness. Sleep is a disease-fighting weapon we must pack in our arsenals.

What does neuroscience say about sleep?


How do I get better sleep?

You don’t have to be an expert to BEGIN to reap the benefits. 

START today with simple, quick, effective tactics.


Get Regular Sleep

While we sleep, our brains do a little housekeeping and take out the trash! One important reason to get enough sleep is to let your brain clean up the trash and debris that it created during the day so that your neural pathways stay wide open and clear. 

Watch this short video to learn more.

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