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Patricia is a native of Brazil who came to the U.S. in 2015 to study English and pursue additional education in business administration. Prior to coming to the U.S., Patricia worked as a Marketing Assistant, Producer, and then Executive Producer in the music industry for more than 14 years. Her music production career spanned radio, advertisement, and also artist production where she sourced and identified talent, recorded and produced albums, contracted with all major labels, and promoted and distributed physical and digital records across all musical genres for the biggest names in Brazil. Her love of music, business acumen, organization, and ability to inspire all who worked with and for her allowed the stars she signed to expand their careers, and the influence of Brazilian music globally. For Mozaik, Patricia uses her organizational and financial knowledge and enthusiasm for spreadsheets, numbers, and metrics to support our programs and staff, and assist in documentation and requirements necessary to support contract/grant reporting and DCAA compliance. She applies her knowledge and creativity in support of Crisis Athlete™, our cultural awareness programs, and assists with trainings, events, and other projects and programs.


Patricia will graduate with a degree in Business Administration from the San Diego University for Integrative Studies in March 2021 and plans to pursue her MBA.

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